Loyal Dog passed away After Sitting By The Window Every Day For 11 Years Waiting For Its Owner To Come Home

We’ve all heard stories about how a dog’s entire life revolves around seeing you again, whether it’s after 10 days or 10 minutes.
There was the dog in China who went viral for patiently waiting for his owner at a train station for up to 12 hours a day, the dogs who patiently stood at the hospital door anxiously awaiting their sick human, and now there’s Toby.

Roman, who now works for a medium-sized carrier company, was an optometrist who worked 8-10 hours a day.”He came into my life when he was two,” he explained.He took a p on my living room carpet the first time I saw him, as soon as my partner put him down (it was her canine).We didn’t get along for a long time.I like tykes, but this bone is too young for me.He was constantly seeking attention.He desired to be near you.I had a difficult time getting along with a dog.This intelligence has a significant personality and insight.

I used to have a lot of fights with him.Until my partner told me to treat him like a child.He’s extremely intelligent.I’ve been causing problems since that day.And he did as well.We were the closest musketeers, and when my partner and I split up, she got to keep the apartment so I could keep Toby.He was ten at the time.”

“Toby knew when I’d get home,” he added.He has a knack for it.He’d be in the window as well as near the door.I could hear him whimpering in delight outside before I entered.He’d also try to jump on me and master my face, and he was just a pack of pure, unadulterated excitement.”However, Roman recently had to deal with a very painful situation.Toby, his dog of many years, passed away because he was old and sick.

The once cheerful fellow who waited for him to return home no longer appears on his window any time soon.”Where his last three days he was not keeping anything down and was very lethargic,” Roman explained.
So we all said our goodbyes and drove him to the veterinarian.This was the most difficult decision I’d ever had to make, and it still haunts me four months later like it was yesterday.”

While Toby is no longer with Roman on Earth, there’s no doubt he’s waiting for him with the same zeal he always has.To cope with his grief, Roman shared photos of Toby waiting for him to return home from work, which perfectly capture their strong bond.