Loyal Dog Jumps On Back Of Ambulance Following Owner Towards The Hospital

One night, Anderson Bahi was driving home from work when he out of a sudden realised that there was an ambulance on the side of the road. A man was out on the sidewalk with his loyal do and suddenly he started feeling fell ill. The ambulance immediately arrived to take him to hospital. When the ambulance was about to leaved towards the hospital with the ill man, Anderson saw the little dog jump out of the back of the ambulance for a ride.

We all know that dogs are so loyal to their owners and the following case proved that to be true. The faithful dog had no intention of letting the owner go alone. Fortunately, the crew saw the dog there before they left and opened the doors for her to enter inside with the owner. However, the dog didn’t stop there. Once the ambulance arrived at the hospital, the dog sat in the doorway as they brought his owner away.

There is no way the dog would leave and she was even ready to wait for the owner’s return. Fortunately, an animal rescuer who happened to live nearby by the name of Maria Lúcia Muniz heard that the dog was waiting outside for the owner to return and offered to take the dog in for the night. But he shouldn’t have. It wasn’t long before the dog’s owner was allowed to leave.

Just 45 minutes later, the man was released and his family showed up to take him home with their dog. This story is so heartwarming. It really shows why we love dogs that much. The are so loyal to their owners no matte what can happen. Let us know your thoughts about the story and do not forget to spread out the story to your friends and family on social media.