Lost puppy recognizes vet’s office and waits for someone to help him find home

The little pup couldn’t find his way back home, but he knew this was a safe place to seek assistance.People will always claim that their dogs are intelligent.Some will even show off their knowledge of tricks or stunts.Some can even communicate by pressing buttons that speak words.

But how many of these dogs will be able to find their way back home when the time comes?How many people can recall significant places and people?An incredible dog in Thailand demonstrated such skill.

A very special visitor paid a visit to a local veterinary clinic one day.It stood outside, occasionally walking around as if waiting.

The dog would then approach the front door and bark at the staff, attempting to get their attention.Nobody knows how or when the dog arrived at the clinic.The staff eventually took notice.

They began by observing the puppy and attempting to determine what they would do with him.The dog wears a collar, indicating that it is owned by someone.

They don’t know if the dog was abandoned, if it escaped and went missing, or if it was simply frolicking around the neighborhood.One thing they can be certain of is that the dog is missing.

The Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic staff welcomed the dog inside.The dog, judging by the way his tail wiggled, appeared to enjoy the environment – and this was because the dog had been here before.

The dog received his vaccine shots at that clinic when he was just a month old, according to the Facebook post.He found himself in the same situation four to five months later.

They claimed that when the dog couldn’t remember where he came from, he went to the veterinary clinic.The dog made a brilliant move.He was one of the doctor’s patients, he said.They were then able to access his records and contact his owners.

It didn’t take long for the owner and her dog to be reunited at the clinic.The owner was apparently working when her dog wandered around.

The dog was lost for about 6 hours, but he was able to find his way back home thanks to his intelligence.The dog and his unusual method of getting home drew a lot of attention.People praised the dog’s intelligence as well as the clinic’s prompt and compassionate response.

“The assistant is good at remembering the dog,” one Thai commenter said.The doctor was also thanked for staying with the dog because no one knows what would have happened if it had been left alone.

It may have been a long journey just to get back home, but it was a method that worked flawlessly.And, as dogs grew to “hate” the vet, this little pup grew to love it even more.