Lost Dog Walks Into The Local Police Station To Report Himself Missing

Consider this: it’s early in the morning, and your dog has gone missing.You’re looking everywhere in a panic.Meanwhile, your dog has unknowingly turned himself in to the nearest police station and is happily entertaining the officers there.

A similar incident occurred recently at the Odessa Police Department in Texas.Last week, a dog came in, hopped up on the counter, and gave the officers a big canine “howdy.”

The dog was clearly pleased to be there and had a good time.He didn’t seem bothered by the fact that he was lost or that he might have a family searching for him.In fact, he had a great time, and the officers paid him special attention and threw him a tennis ball.

“We were all thrilled to have him here,” Martin told The Dodo.”We had a tennis ball and tossed it around the lobby for a while.Everyone adored him.”

Sergeant Rusty Martin ‘questioned’ the lost dog because the department wanted to return him to his owner safely.He didn’t get very far because the dog was unable or unwilling to provide any information that would incriminate himself.

The sergeant then launched a ‘investigation’ into the adorable pup’s identity.He discovered the dog was wearing a collar, but that proved useless because the tag was missing.

The next step in the investigation was to contact animal control and request that the pup be scanned for a microchip.However, the case of the lost dog hit a major snag before animal control arrived.

The lost dog apparently decided he’d been missing long enough and decided to leave the station as quietly as he came in by walking himself right out the back door.

The officers searched everywhere for the dog but were unable to find him.They then took to Facebook and began posting photos of him there.Chico, the dog, had made it home by himself, according to the dog’s owner.According to the police department’s post:

“So…. last night, this happy guy happened to walk into the Police Department’s front desk.We believe he wanted to apply for a K-9 position after ruling out a Lassie-type situation.
He was lavished with love and attention until he decided it was time to depart.He let himself out and was not found despite an exhaustive search.We were relieved to learn that he had been returned safely to his owner.Chico is welcome to return at any time.”We’re relieved Chico arrived home safely.
This is a good reminder to make sure our dogs are wearing collars with current tags.The case of the missing dog has been closed.