Lost Baby Moose Discovers Soldier In Forest And Requests Assistance

During military drills in Estonia’s forests, one soldier was called upon to assist a furry fellow citizen in the midst of a true life-or-death situation.

Erich Jyri Prikko is an Estonian defense force conscript who was recently stationed with a unit near the shores of Lake Vrtsjärv.
Last week, Prikko decided to venture into the woods in search of a “alternative bathroom,” as he put it.
But then he was gripped by a different kind of call of nature, writes heaveanofanimals.com.

Prikko told The Dodo, “I heard some funny voices that reminded me of a cat or a small baby.”
“I noticed some kind of cute animal approaching me.”
He reminded me of a dog at first, but I soon realized he was a small baby moose trying to tell me something

The moose calf was all alone.
Not wanting to add to the animal’s anguish, Prikko decided to take a seat in the hopes that the baby moose would return to his mother, wherever she might be.
Instead, this happened.

“He approached me slowly,” Prikko explained.
“He was quite shy at first, but he eventually decided that I appeared to be trustworthy and came very close to me.”

Prikko was surprised, but the moose calf went one step further.

“He even looked under my armpit,” Prikko explained.
“He might have assumed I had mammary glands.”
The soldier appeared to have quickly become the baby moose’s mother.

Of course, Prikko couldn’t fulfill the request, but the hungry calf seemed to be soothed just by his gentle presence.
Prikko then decided to assist in another way.

“I called our veterinary office and informed them of what had occurred,” Prikko said.
“I wanted to do something more for the small calf and wanted to know what I should do.”

Prikko was instructed to return the calf to where he was discovered and to keep an eye on the situation.
Because of Prikko’s report, a veterinarian was sent to the scene with a bottle of milk to feed the baby moose in case his mother did not return.

It was difficult to leave the calf alone, but the decision paid off.

Prikko and his team tried not to disturb the area in case the calf’s mother was scared away.
After hearing a moose call in the middle of the night, Prikko awoke to find the baby had vanished.

“We discovered very fresh big moose footprints, indicating that the small calf had been rescued by his mother,” Prikko explained.

Everything appeared to be in order.

As a soldier, Prikko considers it his duty to protect animals as well — and in this case, he succeeded admirably.

“I wanted the calf’s mother to find him, and I was very pleased when we discovered that they did.”

Definitely a job well done.