Lonely Hairless Puppy Transforms Into An Adorable One

One cold winter day, a woman named Kristi who worked at Hoke County Animal Shelter in North Carolina came across a distressing sight. Kristi saw a tiny pittie puppy with mange standing out in the freezing cold. The kind woman immediately brought the abandoned dog into her shelter.

Then, she called a vet to have them check the pup out.She had one of the worst cases of mange the vet had ever seen.Kristi gave Paige lots of care and attention, but after all she had been through, all she wanted to do was sleep. “She started taking some pain medication to feel better,” Kristi told The Dodo.

“She spent most of her time with us just sleeping by the heater.”After a few days at the shelter, Perfectly Imperfect Pups (PIP) Rescue offered to take Paige in. Nicole Kincaid, the founder of PIPs, was determined to help Paige feel better. “I knew instantly we had to do something for Paige’s poor little skin,” Nicole said. “We covered her skin in medicated cream and honey, and then we wrapped her up in a bandage.For her first couple of weeks at the rescue, Paige was withdrawn.

All she wanted to do was sleep in her crate. Nicole knew she needed time to feel comfortable, so she simply sat with Paige and let her move at her own pace. “One day I went in, I put my forehead to her forehead, and I hugged her tight and I said, ‘Girl, you got somebody to fight for you. Now it’s your time to fight.” Slowly but surely, Paige began exploring her new surroundings. She came out of the crate and started wandering through Nicole’s house. Then, one day, she jumped onto the couch and asked the snuggle with Nicole. Once Nicole saw that, she knew Paige was ready for her forever home.Luckily, it didn’t take long for Nicole to find the perfect forever home for Paige.

A woman named Veronica Yoshida fell in love with Paige’s story and reached out to Nicole, asking to adopt her. Nicole knew Veronica was the perfect mom for Paige, and so she hugged Paige goodbye. “Then my work was done, and she went to her forever family,” Nicole said.Paige fell in love with her new family right away. She loved playing with her mom in the backyard and cuddling with her on the couch. She recovered from her mange, and her fur started to grow back. After a few months with Veronica, Paige looked like a completely different dog.