Lone Mare With Note Around Her Neck Takes Walks Alone Every Day

Her beautiful story has touched many people’s hearts, and she is now a local celebrity.The Fechenheim district of Frankfurt, Germany, has a celebrity who happens to be a horse.A small Arabian mare has become well-known among town residents and is frequently seen walking around the neighborhood.Jenny is the horse, and she has been doing this for 14 years.Jenny goes for walks by herself because she has no one else to do it for her.

Werner Weischedel, an 80-year-old man, is one of Jenny’s owners.Werner is no longer able to ride his horse due to his age, but he opens the gates to Jenny’s yard every morning.Jenny then goes on her daily walk around town.Jenny appears content to trot off on her own.She enjoys exploring the district’s railways, roadways, and back alleys.She certainly knows her way around town!

Jenny has been a fixture in Frankfurt’s Fechenheim district for more than a decade.She is a resident of the town and community!Jenny is well-known in the community, and no one is surprised to see a horse walking herself around town.
They are looking forward to seeing her on her daily walks!Keith Anderson wrote about Jenny on Facebook:”She enjoys greeting all of the familiar faces along the way, and she stops to receive treats and petting from some of her favorite humans.The locals treat her as if she’s a celebrity, happily cleaning up after her.”

Jenny takes her walks with a friendly note attached to her.This is just in case a tourist or someone from out of town comes across her and believes she ran away from her owner.”My name is Jenny, and I did not flee.I’m simply going for a walk.Thank you very much.”Her owners also included their phone number on the note in case anything went wrong.Jenny, on the other hand, does not appear to cause any problems in town, and the residents have grown accustomed to her.

Jenny does not cause any problems despite going for unsupervised walks.One would think that a loose horse would cause havoc, but Jenny is the exception.Jenny’s walks around town, on the other hand, were not always greeted with fanfare.According to the local police, they used to receive up to 20 calls per day from people who were unfamiliar with Jenny’s routine.However, now that the horse has become a local celebrity, those calls have decreased to about once a week.

Jenny’s walks have become so common that the tram drivers in town have grown accustomed to seeing her.They have taken to slowing down whenever she gets too close to the tracks.

Residents are even encouraged to shower Jenny with love.This could explain why she seems to enjoy her town walks so much.Jenny’s owners have placed no restrictions on what she can do or where she can go on her walks.She has complete freedom!”It makes us so happy to see Jenny; we miss her when we don’t pass her on our walks,” Gaby Marxen, 61, joked.Jenny can be seen leaning into a stroller to greet a young resident of the town in the photo below, which was taken prior to the global pandemic.

Jenny, however, had more freedom to run around town before the global pandemic than she does now.With social distancing policies in place, the free-roaming horse now serves as a form of therapy for local residents.Many of the town’s residents are experiencing less physical affection from humans as a result of social distancing.But there’s nothing wrong with hugging a horse!

Jenny is happy to assist those who simply require physical contact.”Perhaps because they have more time, people seem to notice her more.”A lot of passers-by stroke her, perhaps because they are missing some human contact,” Werner’s husband, Anna, explained.

Jenny does not appear to have suffered any negative consequences from her extensive physical contact with the residents of the town.The 25-year-old appears to be in good health.

You might even say she’s as fit as a horse!Jenny also doesn’t appear to be slowing down or easing up on her free-roaming lifestyle.She has no compelling reason to do so.Her ability to simply wander around town is admirable!

Jenny’s current routine is vastly different from her previous one.Her owners would ride her and another horse named Charlie around town.Jenny and Charlie would be ridden by Anna and Werner, while two white shepherd dogs ran alongside all four of them.

“As a white caravan, we passed through Fechenheim.”For nearly 15 years,” Werner explained.Unfortunately, Charlie died a few years ago, leaving Jenny without her best friend.Even though her owners are unable to accompany her and her companion has died, Jenny insists on going for her walks, even if she must do so alone.

Jenny’s walks everyday end around 4 PM. Werner takes his electric scooter and catches up with her. Then they both head home for dinner.