Little Puppy Hiccups For The First Time And Attempts To Stop It

Dogs appear to be very cute in reality.They are also endearing with their awkward movements, nuzzling noses, and wagging tails.Most dog owners will agree that trying something new with your pet is always a special occasion.

Buck, an 8-week-old Heeler puppy, experiences his first hiccup attack in this video, and his beautiful reaction is so distinct that we’re glad his owner chose to record the event!

Credit: Matthew Kennelly

Buck is sitting comfortably in the car, as evidenced by the video.A seemingly innocuous hiccup appears out of nowhere.Buck, on the other hand, is clearly in bad shape as he tries to figure out what’s making the strange noise!

Buck is now in full panic mode after another hiccup occurs in the next few seconds.The poor dog is terrified, but he continues to growl at the air in an attempt to scare away the unseen monster.Little Buck even bites and howls at his stomach in an attempt to expel whatever has infected his helpless body.

Credit: Matthew Kennelly

Buck’s adorable response went viral without a doubt, with over 18 million people watching and re-watching the adorableness.Buck certainly knows how to put a smile on our faces and brighten our day!What a sweet little puppy.

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