Little Girl Makes Sure Her Dog Is Tucked In Next To Her After Frightening Earthquake

A touching video of a young girl cuddling with her Pit bull and best friend has gone viral after it was revealed that the dog is comforting her following an earthquake.

Kyle Leary, Adalynn’s father, revealed that his daughter was having trouble sleeping after an earthquake struck Alaska in November 2018.

The quake caused significant damage to their home, including splits in their garage ceiling and other repairs.The quake and its numerous aftershocks also terrified their daughter.That’s where her 100-pound “best friend and lifeguard” Fury comes in.

On Facebook, Leary stated:

“We live in Alaska, and we were recently hit hard by a 7.0 earthquake, with over 5,000 aftershocks.”Ady has been suffering from severe anxiety and difficulty sleeping since then.The only way she’ll sleep is if Fury is there to protect her and calm her nerves.”

“Normally, he sleeps on the floor next to her bed, but she called him up that night to cuddle him because we had another aftershock.”

Ady inviting Fury to cuddle with her was captured on the baby cam in a tender moment.She ensures Fury’s comfort and tucks him under the sheets so they can both get a good night’s sleep.

Leary also wanted people to know that Fury is his daughter’s best friend, writing, “If you raise them with love, they only show love.”