Little boy writes adorable letter to Santa thanking him for rescue pittie

This little boy was so pleased with his Christmas present from Santa that he felt compelled to write a thank-you note.For Christmas, this young boy desired a pit bull.He was heard by Santa.Nolan was so overjoyed and grateful that he wrote Santa a thank-you letter.Do you want to read the letter?”Dear Santa, thank you for bringing me Brooklyn, my new best friend,” Nolan wrote.

Wags and Walks, a rescue shelter that focuses on “stereotyped bully breeds, medical dogs, and mamas puppies that are often overlooked and at-risk due to overcrowding,” rescued Brooklyn.Brooklyn was also pregnant and about to give birth when they rescued her.Brooklyn gave birth to eight children at the shelter.She looked after them all, making sure they were fed and happy.She looked after them all until they found their forever homes.

It was now mama Brooklyn’s turn to find her way home.”Mama Brooklyn had nowhere to go…”Thank you for bringing her to our family, Santa,” Nolan continued.When Nolan and his family arrived at the shelter, Brooklyn just kept licking and hugging them.When she wasn’t playing with her family, Brooklyn enjoyed giving hugs as well.

And that’s exactly what Brooklyn and Nolan did all day: they played and laughed with each other.Emily Whitehouse, Wags and Walks’ head of training and behavior, always encourages families to adopt dogs for their own benefit.”When you have children, there are so many wonderful advantages to adopting a dog!””Dogs teach children empathy and the responsibility of caring for others,” Emily said.”Having a dog can be a wonderful bonding experience for the entire family.”

Nolan’s family, particularly Nolan, enjoys playing fetch with Brooklyn.They take walks together.Brooklyn is constantly kissing and licking Nolan.Nolan appears to dislike it at times, but when he laughs, you know he enjoys it as well.Brooklyn enjoys spending time outside and gets excited when she sees birds.She tries to find them to play with, but Brooklyn never finds them.

Brooklyn, like Nolan, enjoys getting and playing with her toys.She received toys for Christmas and thoroughly enjoys playing with them.Another thing Brooklyn can’t get enough of is cuddles.

She enjoys sleeping and cuddling with her family.Adopting dogs or other pets is beneficial to children because it teaches them responsibility.They learn how to feed, bathe, walk, and play with them, as well as recognize their needs.

Having and growing up with dogs teaches children to trust and respect others.All of the lessons they learn stick with them even as adults.

Thank you for the most wonderful Christmas miracle I could ever imagine.”I guarantee we’ll make this the best forever home for our Brooklyn girl,” Nolan said.”Merry Christmas, Santa Claus.Nolan, love.”