Lady Steps Over “Dead Dog” On Her Way To Work, Looks Back Regrettably, and He Moves

According to ilovemydogsomuch, a woman discovered a dog lying on the side of the road.

He wasn’t moving, so she assumed he’d died.She began to cry, but the dog’s paw moved as she sobbed.She took a closer look and noticed that his chest was barely rising and falling.The poor dog wasstruggling to breathe.The abandoned puppy was on the verge of death.The woman requested assistance from a friend.She hoped her friend would arrive on time.A friend of the woman volunteers at a nearby shelter.He’d know exactly what to do!He was taken aback when he arrived and saw the dog.The dog was so weak that he couldn’t even get out of bed.

The man and his friend transported the dog to their vehicle using a sheet as a gurney.They then dashed over to the veterinary clinic.The vet and his staff got right to work.They were worried about the dog, who was still struggling to wake up.His blood work revealed the reason.He was severely anemic due to malnourishment.He was also dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia.

The vet started him on IV fluids and then scheduled a blood transfusion.They needed to raise his hemoglobin levels or he wouldn’t survive.The dog made tremendous progress in a matter of days.He couldn’t even sit up, and now he was standing, eager to eat a proper meal!

This poor boy hadn’t had any real food in a long time.He devoured everything and then demanded more!The vet is overjoyed that the dog, who was on the verge of death, is now on the mend.Scroll down to see what happens next.We are overjoyed that this sweet boy is improving by the day!He’ll be well enough soon to go to his forever home.YAY!