Kind Store Owner Lays Out New Mattress For Local Homeless Dogs To Sleep On

Dr. Cem Baykal used to walk for straight 6 years every day next to a furniture store on his way to work. Every time he is passing by the store, he gets to witness a heartwarming scene. He sees homeless dogs sitting outside a local store. Lately, he saw two stray local dog still sitting outside the store. The dogs seems to be always together and obviously best friends. They also often sleep on a new mattress that the lovely store owner makes especially for them.

The home store, Istikbal Mobile, sells items like sofas, beds and mattresses, and the kind owner of the store always reserves a mattress (still wrapped in plastic) to place in front to provide some comfort for the homeless local dogs. The owner is taking care of the stray dogs during the summer and winter time as well. He is always outside in the winter checking if the dogs are feeling cold, and during the summer the store owner checks out if the homeless local dogs also have water and shade.

The road is in an affluent part of town, and the neighbours also help here and there by giving food to the homeless dogs sitting outside the store. But it is this caring store owner who takes the responsibility of providing them with quality bedding that they can properly rest on. This gesture speaks by itself and is so beautiful to see! It warms my heart when I see that there are still kind people out there who take care of animals. Let us know your thoughts on the story and do not forget to spread out the story to your friends and family on social media.