Kind Little Dog Always Moves Rugs Out Of The Way For Grandma’s Wheelchair

Dogs are truly amazing creatures.We are constantly astounded by their intelligence, bravery, sense of humor, and, most importantly, their incredible faithfulness and capacity for love.

A sweet and clever little pup in Brazil has demonstrated her love and care for her pet-mom by doing everything she can to make her mother’s life easier.Ana Clara Simoes recently shared a video on Twitter of her 86-year-old grandmother’s dog, Lili, moving rugs out of the way to make it easier for the grandmother to navigate the house in her wheelchair.

Simoes and her family all pitch in to care for her grandmother, who is diabetic, amputee, and relies on a wheelchair to get around.But they aren’t the only ones looking after Grandma: Simoe’s grandmother’s dog Lili has also proven to be a valuable asset.

Lili eventually realized that Grandma’s wheelchair would snag on the rugs, making it difficult for her to move around.So, entirely on her own initiative, the little pup began shifting the rugs to make it easier for Grandma to pass by in her chair.

The first time Lili moved a rug out of the way of the chair, the family thought it was just a cute coincidence.But as time passed, they realized that sweet little Lili knew exactly what she was doing.

Lili adores her mother and wishes to make her life as easy as possible for her.She cleverly realized that the rugs made it difficult for Grandma to move around, so she decided to take action.

And now, Grandma’s other pup has noticed what Lili has been doing and has begun to mimic her.The two pups are delighted to be of assistance, and Grandma and her family are deeply moved by the pups’ adorable display of love and devotion.