Kangaroo Shakes Hand With His Rescuers After Being Rescued From Freezing Lake

Animals, like humans, have emotions and understand how to express their gratitude to those who assist them.As a result, when a kangaroo was rescued from a freezing lake by two brave bystanders, he decided to express his gratitude in his own unique way and this kangaroo shakes these guys’ hands.

A kangaroo shakes hand with guys

Source: David Boyd

David Boyd filmed the heartwarming rescue, which showed two men slowly approaching the trembling roo to help lift him up and out of the lake.When one of the men approached the kangaroo, he was still scared and nervous.

Finally, with the assistance of a third man, the brave men were able to pull the kangaroo from the freezing lake, saving the life of the poor vulnerable animal.The kangaroo was stunned, and it took about 30 minutes for the animal to recover.

Source: David Boyd

The lovely roo extended his hand to one of his rescuers and shook his hand in thanks.Everyone was moved by the kangaroo’s actions, but they didn’t forget to thank these heroes for saving the day.