In the middle of the night, a baby girl’s breathing stopped, but a dog saved her life

A dog in the house is always a blessing: they are not only lovely and loyal companions, but they may also save your life.
We’ve all heard stories about dogs protecting or alerting their owners to danger.
One woman is now hero-worshiping her dog for saving her baby’s life by alerting the parents before the baby stopped breathing.
Henry, a Boston terrier, is the proud owner of Kelly Andrew of Boston, Massachusetts.

The dog recently began acting strangely in the middle of the night, breaking into Kelly’s child’s crib and waking him up.
The mother quickly realized her baby wasn’t breathing.
Kelly deduced that Henry was attempting to save the baby’s life.
Something was wrong, and the dog sensed it right away.
Henry undoubtedly saved the baby’s life by keeping her awake and alerting the parents, allowing her to seek medical attention before it was too late.

“I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her,” Kelly said on Twitter.
The infant spent the night in the hospital, according to the mother, and is now “doing much better.”

Kelly also mentions Henry, her devoted dog who “bravely held the fort all night despite his fear of the dark.”

However, when the story went viral, it was Henry, the excellent dog, who received a lot of attention.
People were astounded by the dog’s instincts, and several shared similar stories, demonstrating how life-saving dogs can be even when they appear to be misbehaving.
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