In a matter of hours, the veteran and his faithful dog part ways

When Daniel Hove was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his family and friends rallied to support him during this trying time. From Air Force veteran to fire chief, everyone pitched in to help.But no one stood by him more than Daniel’s loyal dog Ganner, an 11-year-old lab who never leaves his owner’s side.Daniel’s recent photos show the faithful dog, despite his 90-pound weight, cuddling in his human bed and crouching on his lap.In any case, Ganner made sure they weren’t more than a few inches apart.

“They were best friends until the very end,” Daniel’s daughter Heather Nicoletti told Care 11 in an interview.”They were hunting buddies who went everywhere together.”As a result, it was unsurprising that Daniel’s faithful dog became ill while he was lying down.

“When you worry, you worry about your dog, you worry about your dad, you worry about your dog,” his daughter said, recalling how her father and Garner had always collaborated.”Neither my father nor the dog responded,” she explained.So as soon as we saw how the dog was doing, we knew he was on his way because he wasn’t moving and didn’t seem to be feeling well.”

Heather realized it was time for Ganner to go to bed one day as the old dog became increasingly lethargic and his arms swelled.”I called the veterinary clinic where I used to work, and they immediately took me in and put them to sleep.””After about an hour and a half, her father also left,” she explained.Heather was at least as comforted as her father had never been by the loss of a father who is a loving parent, a loyal veteran, a beloved community member, and a loyal mentor and friend to everyone he meets.She had to say farewell to her beloved puppy.Such schisms are excruciating for gunfighters who can never be separated from man’s best friend.