Huge St. Bernards Raise a Baby Goat as Their Own

So many acts of kindness and unlikely friendships between animals of different species have been witnessed.
And nothing beats a dog’s heart when it comes to helping those in need.
Apparently, the man’s best friend is also everyone’s best friend.
And these two massive St. Bernards are no exception.

Julie and Basiel are two adorable Belgian dogs who live on a farm.
And, despite their enormous size, they are nothing but gentle giants.
The dog’s kindness to all the animals they live with demonstrates this role.
In fact, ever since they arrived, the two St. Bernards have acted like overprotective parents, taking care of every animal on the farm.Julie and Basiel provide comfort to chickens, cows, donkeys, and even cats.

Despite being so gentle with everyone, the giant dogs developed a special bond with the farm’s most animated inhabitant, Hans – a baby goat.
Since the tiny goat was brought in, the protective dogs have stepped in and taken on the role of parents.

“He learns a lot from the dogs,” the trio’s mother, Isolde, told The Dodo.
“They don’t bother the chickens, so he doesn’t bother them either.”
He enjoys sunbathing with the dogs, going for walks with me and the dogs, but his favorite pastime is napping with the dogs.”
It’s amazing to see how animals of various species coexist peacefully and care for one another.
Perhaps it is time for us to learn from them!

“He likes climbing things, especially the dogs,” Isolde said.