Horse starts breaking out of stall to visit dementia patients that fed him carrots

He enjoyed his visit so much that he wants to return.This is not Panda’s first visit, but it is the first time he has attempted to escape.Panda’s human mother, Maija, once took him to a dementia unit in town and thoroughly enjoyed his visit.Panda was adored by the patients, who even fed him carrots.Panda would never forget this moment, which became a core memory for him.Maija, unfortunately, has not returned him to the dementia unit for the carrots.

Panda must take control of the situation.He must devise a strategy to break out and escape to the dementia unit.Panda will never forget that particular memory because it elicited such a strong emotional response in him.And unless it is modified or corrected, he will try to replicate it again and again.

Horses learn by repeating, rewarding, and correcting themselves.They tend to repeat behavior that elicits a positive response and avoid behavior that elicits a response from the rider or handler,” according to The Vet Expert.Panda has escaped from the dementia unit several times before.Maija stated in the first part of this “escape” that Panda had already escaped another time to get carrots from his “friends.”Panda may have forgotten some of his training, but he will never forget the carrots, according to one joke.

Maija eventually found him in a building’s parking lot.We’re not sure if this is the dementia unit they visited or if Maija just happened to run into Panda here.Panda was torn between continuing on with his original destination and returning with Maija.

His training still won out over his wanderlust, and he returned to Maija.People who saw this video adored Panda’s adventure and claimed that if they told this story to dementia patients, no one would believe it.Someone else claimed that Panda had to return because the patients had forgotten about his visit.Some of them also said that maybe Panda wants to be a therapy horse and he wanted to start with the dementia unit first.

Can you imagine the elderly riding Panda?Panda, on the other hand, has good news.He appeared on New Zealand’s Prime News with Maija, and the news crew wanted to film them at the dementia unit to relive the memories.And do you remember what happened?Panda was fed carrots once more!Panda was sitting beside one of the patients as she fed him carrots outside.

Panda must have been overjoyed!Someone asked if Panda jumped out the gate to see his friends, but Maija said Panda sneaked out.This horse knew exactly what he was doing!Maybe they need a constant supply of carrots at the stables to keep Panda from sneaking out.