Horse reaches down to kiss little boy and melts internet’s heart

I kept watching this on repeat because it was so touching.Humans and horses have a long history.We’re talking about ancient civilizations and the like.Domestication of these animals dates back thousands of years, as early as 10,200 B.C.Humans became more domesticated as they learned to tame and ride horses.

As a result, horses remained close to humans voluntarily.They were trained to transport goods and pull wagons and buggies for work.Horses were extremely important.They fought alongside soldiers and delivered supplies to camps.Imagine how close those horses were to the soldiers.

Today, the majority of horses are companion and therapy animals, which are important relationships in this day and age.Many people consider horses to be pets.Some even keep a horse stable to teach others how to ride and care for these magnificent creatures.

And what better way to get to know someone than with a few kisses?This video of a precious little boy kissing a horse has received 243,000 likes and counting.The little guy, dressed in an orange coat and blue boots, reaches up and kisses the gentle horse on the lips.In turn, the horse gently kisses the boy’s head.It almost looks like a cartoon!

There is a huge size difference, but love has that amazing spell that makes everyone and everything equal regardless of size.Horses are pack animals, which means they have the instinct to belong to a group, know their place, and actively communicate with one another in order to survive in the wild.Horses see their humans as the pack when they are kept as pets.It’s not all that different.

Horses, being social animals, require relationships to be happy.Even with humans, yes.These beautiful animals can suffer psychologically from a lack of socialization.They learn behavior by observing others in their pack, so they naturally acquire manners and skills.Grooming and spending time with horses aid in the formation of a strong bond.Kissing, like this little guy, also works!

Psychologists discovered that horses could recognize a person’s mood based on facial expressions and could even distinguish between anger and happiness.When a person becomes agitated and angry, the horse either reacts in fear or with sudden aggression.Show them gentleness, and they will reciprocate.If you’re wondering, humans can detect our emotions.

This horse appeared to be particularly smitten with this small human.Take a look at its eyes.That is pure love from such a magnificent and powerful creature.What a fortunate little boy to have such a wonderful friend!According to one keen observer,.”Omg, look at that beautiful horse’s eyes after the second kiss; they go from scrunched closed to blinking open.Something about that was so lovely.”Horses, you see, can sense emotions.In ten years, he’ll be riding!This horse picked up on the boy’s vibes because children are so pure and full of love and wonder.