Horse makes snow angels with her owner in New Hampshire

Horses are magnificent, majestic creatures.They are intelligent and can form deep bonds with humans.One touching video shows a woman making snow angels alongside her favorite horse.

West Meadow Farm in Bradford, New Hampshire is owned by Sandy Hodskins.She owns West Wind, a 17-year-old Kiger Mustang mare that she purchased as a yearling.”We’ve been a team since then,” Sandy wrote on YouTube.Sandy brought West Wind to a new paddock covered in fresh snow after a recent winter storm hit the farm.Sandy decided to do what we all did as kids on snow days: she got down on the ground and started making “snow angels.”

But then something truly adorable happened: West Wind began making snow angels with her!”I’m glad she did it next to me!”Sandy penned a letter.”We were just having fun like kids.Something we frequently forget to do as we grow older.”

Sandy claims to be studying Natural Horsemanship, a method of communicating with horses and connecting with them through psychology.She claims to be aware that West Wind enjoys lying down in fresh snow.