Horse found on Craigslist recognizes his first mom after 2 years apart

He knew she was his home from the start.Mikko is a wild horse that was bred in captivity.

He was in a government-run holding facility for wild horses.He was adopted by a ranch, but they were too busy to assist him.All of that changed when he met Emma.

Emma began visiting the ranch and came across Mikko.She had a feeling this horse needed her, so she came to the ranch frequently to assist them in caring for this poor horse.But it wasn’t easy for the two to connect.

Mikko was terrified at first and would barely move an inch closer to Emma.She decided to remain motionless and observe his reaction.He approached her slowly, which she thought was significant progress.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Every day, their bond grew stronger.Mikko’s trust in Emma was evident in the way his ears perked up whenever he saw her or when he finally let her touch and pet him.Their happy days, however, were cut short.

Emma went to the ranch once and couldn’t find Mikko.They claimed they sold him because he was “too much work,” which devastated Emma not only because of their bond, but also because she knew he only trusted her and no one else.Emma searched for Mikko for two years.

A friend forwarded her a Craigslist ad for a skinny, scared-looking horse.She took a closer look and noticed a white mark on his side.Mikko was there!

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

She immediately drove to him, a 12-hour round trip.She wasn’t sure if he still recognized her, but as soon as she walked in, he noticed her and approached her.He asked her to take him with her by bumping his head against her chest.That she did.She drove him home in her car.

When Mikko arrived at Emma’s barn, he was terrified.In his panic, he ran in circles, and her touch made him shake.She attempted to train him, but he always misbehaved around them.This didn’t deter her because she only wanted what was best for Mikko.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Emma made the decision to train him herself.Mikko gradually became more at ease around her and began to obey her commands.The most significant improvement came when he let her put a saddle on him and take a ride.

Mikko grew to enjoy exploring the trail with her over time.From the moment Emma saw him on that ranch, his personality had vastly improved.Their walks and rides through the woods were always enjoyable, whether she rode him or he walked alongside her.

Mikko fit right in with their family.He shared a barn with Emma’s other horses, two dogs, and a pig.Her boyfriend, Max, is also a great source of assistance and support, especially when it comes to bringing Mikko home.This sweet horse was always meant to be with Emma.Below is a video about Emma and Mikko.

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