His transformation is so impressive you won’t believe it’s the same puppy

Seeing how amazing Jacob’s current condition is, this adorable little dog has demonstrated the joy of his recovery.Fortunately, Jacob avoided death by coating his body with motor oil, which he thought would be an effective cure for the scabies he was suffering from at the time.

With infected open wounds, this causes serious wounds and skin infections.So sad!

Experts warn of the danger, but the damage is frequently done.Some people are still unaware of the dire consequences of using this method instead of seeking proper medical help.

In October, Jacob was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina, the United States.He was a five-month-old puppy in critical and unfortunate condition.

The NYC Second Chance Rescue organization took care of him, relying on donations from animal lovers; without this help, he would not have received all of the assistance he required.

Today, almost six months later, Jacob has said goodbye to his suffering, is living in the Forever Rehabilitation Center, and is learning to be happy.

Physically, he is fully recovered and have fun sharing it with your friends.

Your instructors assist you in growing and learning basic skills so that you can socialize more effectively.He must regain his trust in humans and overcome his traumas.

We are confident that once Jacob announces that he is looking for a home, he will not waste time looking for a family to fill his days with joy.That’s right, little one!His transformation is astounding.

The Dodo