His dogs only wanted to be loved, but their owner abandoned them in an industrial plot

In many ways, the story of Boots and Babs, two Pit Bull mix dogs, is heartbreaking.According to ilovemydogsomuch, the two dogs were abandoned in a desolate industrial area where survival was a living nightmare.Despite this, the dogs consoled each other during the terrifying nights and hoped that some human would sympathize with their plight.

A year had passed by the time a worker decided to contact a rescue organization to help the two dogs.When Hope For Paws arrived at the industrial stretch, they fully expected to find two tough dogs who had been hardened by their abandonment experience.Despite their difficult circumstances, Boots and Babs were far from “tough.”

The rescuers approach Boots with some food in this video.The dog’s eyes sparkle with hope as he immediately greets the rescuers with hugs and tail wags.When they move forward to get Babs, the sweet girl has the same reaction!The grateful couple makes themselves at ease in the rescue van, relieved that their bad days are finally over!

“Doggie Bonez” fostered the two dogs after they received much-needed medical treatment.Babs was soon adopted, but the workers are still looking for a suitable home for the easygoing Boots.It’s amazing to see that despite being abandoned, Boots and Babs didn’t lose faith in humans.We wish these kind-hearted souls a wonderful life!

ilovemydogsomuch.tv is the source.