Hikers hear barks deep in forest and then spot mama dog giving birth

The hikers knew they had to act quickly to assist the mother and her children.When you go hiking, you frequently hope to see wildlife.It’s always fascinating to see animals in their natural habitat, going about their daily lives.It’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of hiking.

What you wouldn’t expect to see is a mama dog who has been abandoned and is heavily pregnant.Unfortunately, that’s exactly what one couple discovered while hiking – and it appeared they had arrived just in time.The dog was in labor.The poor mother, a shy pit bull, was exhausted and malnourished.
She had no faith in anyone.Thom McCallum, on the other hand, was determined to give her a better life.

Thom took mama and her three babies home with him and introduced them to their “new digs”.The puppies were so small that they couldn’t even open their eyes.

Thom had a lot of work to do.It took some time for mom, whom Thom named Ruby, to warm up to her new owner.No one knows for certain what she may have gone through in the past, but being abandoned by her previous caregiver would have made her completely lose faith in humans.

Mom, on the other hand, did not let her external fears interfere with her parental responsibilities.She did a “incredible” job of caring for her children, who spent the majority of their first few weeks of life fast asleep.

Thom would spend one-on-one time with Ruby while the puppies slept to bond with her and gain her trust.He petted her, whispered encouraging words to her, and attempted to play with her — though she was still a little too shy to play fetch.

Ruby’s puppies were finally up and running around by Thom’s 20th day as a foster parent.Thom’s work was now even more difficult – it was clear that all three puppies were going to be a handful!Thom was soon ready to take the puppies for their first walk.
He strapped them to their own little puppy cart, while mom walked alongside them protectively.There’s no doubt that Thom would have been stopped along the way by a few adoring strangers.His “wagon full of puppies” was simply adorable.

Thom believed the dogs were now ready to play outside in his yard.Mama Ruby enjoyed the outdoors, but she preferred to follow Thom around.She had gone from being hesitant to open up to him to becoming his biggest fan.

“Ruby will never leave my side.”She follows me everywhere,” Thom admitted.As the days passed, the pups grew in size, and Ruby grew in confidence.It was incredible for Thom to witness.

Thom quickly shared the wonderful news that all three puppies had been adopted.Tito, one of the puppies, was adopted by Thom’s next-door neighbor, who installed a gate in his back fence so mom could still visit her son whenever she wanted.

Ruby, according to Thom, is already at home.He has permanently adopted the courageous mother and intends to care for her for the rest of his life.He went on to say:”I don’t believe she needs to go anywhere.She enjoys her time here.I enjoy being with her and believe I am the best home for her.”

What a beautiful story. We’re so glad Thom has given Ruby a wonderful place to call home. After her tough beginnings, she deserves a lovely, easy life.