Hiker discovers a dying dog with bullet wounds and carries him for an hour to seek help

The woman ran down the stony mountains for an hour, holding the 47-pound body of the deceased Pit Bull in her arms.She was tired, but she never gave up.Andi Davis was out for a walk in Phoenix, Arizona, when she came across a 2-year-old Pit Bull lying half-dead on a rock.She was astounded to discover that he had multiple bullet wounds and was also heavily bleeding.

Andi offered him water, but she realized he was barely alive.
So she grabbed him in her arms and ran down the slopes.
She dragged the 47-pound pet dog for an hour, hoping he would survive.

Andi brought the Pit Bull to the Arizona Humane Society for medical attention.
The veterinarians treated the pet’s open wound in the abdomen and extracted gunshot fragments from his neck and spine.
Andi stood by his side, encouraging him to fight back and live.

Because of Andi’s bravery, the Pit Bull was eventually able to pass!
Andi gave him the name Elijah and chose to take him in with her.
Elijah recovered quickly because he was lavished with love and attention in his new home.