Hidden Camera Catches Cute Bear Cub Having A Bath With A Toy Bear He Found

Tamarack, an orphaned bear cub, was rescued last year from a wildfire zone in Northern California after his paws were scorched by the flames.

He was recovering from his injuries at a wildlife rehabilitation center when he surprised his rescuers by fleeing back into the wild.Fortunately, Tamarack is still alive and well, despite his past trauma, as evidenced by this video.

Toogee Sielsch, a wildlife enthusiast, has been following Tamarack’s movements on trail cameras installed throughout the woodland area near his home since his escape last summer.The orphaned bear cub has clearly outperformed the odds and is thriving from that vantage point.Tamarack was recently captured on video bathing in a massive puddle by one of Sielsch’s cameras.

But he wasn’t alone.Tamarack was accompanied by a stuffed animal that he had apparently discovered and befriended.

The origin of the bear toy is unknown, but it is something Tamarack cherishes, and Sielsch smiled when he saw them together.

“I thought it was almost a perfect example of not only young black bears, but all of them,” Sielsch told The Dodo.However, the video above is just the most recent happy chapter in the life of a bear who had a difficult start.
And, hopefully, the best is yet to come.”It warms my heart to have watched his progress as an orphaned and healing cub of the year, now yearling,” Sielsch said.”It demonstrates how resilient wildlife is when it comes to survival.”