Heroic Moment: German Shepherd ‘Tank’ Protects A Young Boy From Being Attacked By His Neighbor’s Dog

A six-year-old boy in Florida is saved when his pet German shepherd rushes to defend him after his neighbor’s dog got loose and charged at him.The terrifying incident occurred on November 8 while the young child was playing with his dog, Tank, on his front lawn at his South Florida home.The boy’s father claimed that the neighbor’s dog escaped and charged at his son.Tank, the family’s one-year-old German shepherd, noticed that the young child was in danger and acted quickly to save his best friend.

In the video, Tank pulls the child out of harm’s way and then stands over him to defend him before confronting the other dog.This is when Tank’s protective instinct kicks in.While the father rushes to the scene to break up the dog fight, the young child sobs and runs to his mother.After both dogs charge, snarl, and bark at each other, the neighbor’s dog eventually returns home.

Tank’s father shared a video of him being a “good boy.”He also mentions that their second dog, a blue nose pitbull, was on hand and ran out of their garage for backup, but that ‘Tank had it under control.”Our son was fine, and the other dog was returned to his owner,’ the father explained.

Many dog lovers have praised Tank for his bravery since the video went viral.’Get that German Shepherd a big dog bone, steak, or whatever he wants because he deserves it.”Good boy!!!!’ one user wrote.’That’s one awesome dog!’ said another.Thank goodness the child was not injured; what a terrifying experience for that mother!People, if you can’t control your dog, keep it on a leash!’