Heartsick Dog Turns Her Back When Her Name’s Called And Had 1-Wish Before She Died

One tiny dog has a huge wish.Kongji is her name, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

As she grew older, she developed a large tumor that would eventually kill her.In terms of ‘dog years,’ Kongji has lived a full life, but something is still wrong.She is not in physical pain, but she is emotionally shutting down.Something has shifted in her gaze.She appears to be far away.

She deliberately turns her back on her caretaker when she calls her name.She would prefer to be left alone.She, too, will not eat without a fight.

Then it occurs to her human.Kongji is aware that she is dying and wishes for something to happen before that day arrives.

Her human took her in four years ago.She was about nine years old at the time.When she was discovered wandering the streets, authorities took her to an animal shelter.Kongji was spotless and well-kept.The volunteers at the shelter tried unsuccessfully to locate her original ownerAs a result, she was adopted and placed in a new home.

Is Kongji longing to see her original owner before she passes? Is this her final wish? Her human thinks so.

Kongji’s human returns to the neighborhood where she was discovered four years ago.She asks around and shows the locals Kongji’s picture.They’re all eager to assist, but it’s been a long time!Kongji is left on the street where she was discovered.Will she notice it?Will she remember how to get to her old house?

Something appears to be on fire in Kongji.She begins to walk but collapses due to exhaustion.Then Kongji’s new human posts notices around the neighborhood asking if anyone knows who she is.They have to return home frequently because Kongji needs to spend up to 12 hours a day in an oxygen tank to help her breathe.She’s quite the fighter!

Kongji’s human is still looking for her original owner as of now.She makes phone calls every day and returns to the neighborhood several times a week.She isn’t going to give up until Kongji receives her final wish.She requests that we assist her by sharing this story!

Is the original owner of Kongji still alive?Will Kongji be able to say his final farewell?Let us spread the word about this story so that we can assist them in their quest!

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv