Heartbroken pitbulls comfort each other after losing their dad then sing when they meet new family

When Tonka and Little P were hiking and tragically lost their father, the loyal dogs never left their owner’s sode until help arrived.Dogs are some of the most devoted creatures on the planet, loving both other animals and humans with equal zeal.So, what happened when two Pitbull brothers were tragically killed?

Tonka, 10, and Little P, 2, were on an adventure with their human father when the unthinkable occurred.Kris Busching had taken Tonka and Little P on one of their regular hikes along a mountainous trail when all three of them fell off a cliff.Kris died tragically on impact, and Tonka broke both of his front legs.

Little P patiently waited with his family until help arrived, keeping a close eye on his injured brother.Both dogs were quickly transported to a nearby animal hospital, and while Tonka had two broken legs, it was nothing serious, and Little P had escaped the incident physically unscathed.Little P sat beside Tonka in the hospital bed, giving him supportive kisses as he waited for his casts to be applied.

Tonka would be unable to play due to his injuries and would have to spend a significant amount of time recovering.Tonka needed to heal properly, so the dogs had to be separated.He was taken in by a foster family, who helped him recover and showered him with love.Little P was cared for and loved in the same way that his father would have wanted by Kris’s cousin, Crysti.

Unfortunately, no one in the Busching family could commit to both dogs full-time.Crysti wanted to make sure that wherever the dogs ended up, they stayed together and that the family gave them a life as close to Kris’ as possible.Crysti eventually found Heilea and Brandon and knew right away that this was the family for the two puppies.

When the time came to meet their new owners, the entire Busching family gathered for one final family portrait.Tonka began singing as everyone huddled together to take photos!He was always known as the more vocal of the two, and on this day he let his voice be heard loud and proud.Little P, who was usually the quieter of the two, soon joined in, and the pair sang their hearts out.

Both dogs have become even more vocal in their new loving home with Heilea and Brandon.Heilea believes they are still communicating with their father and enjoys the sound they make when singing to him.The first few days in their new home were difficult for the pair, but with their new owners’ love and support, both dogs have come out of their shells and relaxed much more.

Fortunately, they still get to go on a lot of adventures.They run, swim, and play until they are exhausted before returning home to snuggle up together and get a good night’s sleep.

Watch the heartbreak, reunion, and love in the video linked below.