Heartbroken Dog Found Riding A Bus All Alone Needs A Forever Home After Nobody Came To Look For Her

She sat quietly in her seat, her eyes sad, sniffing the air, as if looking for someone who wasn’t there.Her fellow passengers took care of the lonely little vagabond until the bus arrived at its final stop and the staff could take her off.

She was then taken to Cliffe Kennels, where she was given the name Olive and cared for until her owner arrived.However, days passed without anyone coming forward to claim her; she appeared to be completely alone in the world.

A lonely traveller was picked up by the 620 First Bus in West Yorkshire last week.In Bierely, an abandoned Staffie-mix boarded the bus and thenBut Olive’s fortunes were about to change.Gemma Burton, who had ridden the bus with Olive, had taken a photo of the sad-looking dog and shared it on social media in the hope of reuniting Olive with her owner.
Gemma’s post quickly went viral, with thousands of shares on Facebook and the story picked up by numerous news outlets.People from all over the world were sending their love and hoping for a happy ending for Olive.That happy ending appears to have arrived.

While Olive’s original owner has yet to come forward, several people have expressed their desire to open not only their hearts, but also their homes to Olive.Denise Ball, the owner of Cliff Kennels, says Olive will be transferred to her new home soon.

Olive’s happy ending could mean a fresh start for several other lonely puppies.While Olive can only be adopted by one family, there are many other dogs who are looking for a forever home.Denise hopes that those who were unable to adopt Olive will consider visiting one of Yorkshire’s rescue centers and adopting another dog.Olive’s lonely days are almost over, and we are confident she will be content in her new forever home.