Heartbroken dog digs grave for her passed away puppy after trying to revive it

Animals understand how to grieve when they lose people they care about.The intensity of the loss and the manner in which it is mourned vary in dogs, just as it does in humans.It was heartbreaking for this mother dog to lose her puppies so soon after giving birth.

A tragic incident occurred in Suzhou, Anhui Province, China.
Mr.Qin, the mother dog’s owner, stated that the dogs died while she was in labor.The dog was able to locate the shallow grave dug for the puppies and dig through it to find their bodies.The mother, unable to accept the fact that her children had died, attempted to dig up her child’s buried body five or six times.

As the puppies lay side by side in the mud, she morosely licked their bodies.
The owner had to try to extract the passed away dog from her mouth and console her by patting it on the head.Despite her success a few times, the mother dog remains with her pups.Qin can only stand by her side and console her during this difficult time.

The mother dog will be depressed after losing her baby, especially if it is a whole cub.
If one of the litter’s many puppies passes away, the mother dog will put aside her grief and focus on caring for the remaining puppies.And if the entire cub is lost, the pain is many times greater; it may exhibit signs of sadness and loss of appetite.To get through that difficult time, their owners must know how to console them.