He was too tired and wanted to end his suffering from being lame,fortunately, they found him in time

Paws Rescue Uganda, a private shelter for stray, homeless, and abandoned animals, has received word that a lame dog is trapped in a water trench.

It hurts to think that the dog wanted to end his life as he lay helplessly beside the trench.He may have to go through a lot of pain.

He was quickly removed from danger by the rescue team.He’s trapped in a deep water trench that frequently floods to the surface when it rains.They didn’t waste any time because they believe they have a chance to help him.

They rescued him, he cooperated well, and he appears to be happier now.He may finally realize that there are people who care about him.They escorted him to the shelter.They weren’t sure about his leg; he needed more vet research.Amputation could be a viable option in his case.

Amputation can benefit dogs rather than harm them by removing the source of their pain and suffering.
Limb amputation in dogs is done to improve their quality of life.

Chiko was unable to have his legs amputated because the vet later discovered that both of his legs were severely damaged, and amputating one of his legs would mean he would never be able to walk again.

As a result, the veterinarian advised that physiotherapy be combined with a health boost.He’s fortunate in that he eats well.Physiotherapy has already yielded some results.

He can now take a few steps and walk.He couldn’t walk at all before.

His mood is also much improved; he appears to be content and enjoys living in the shelter.

His wagging tail says it all.He now understands that life is beautiful and that he deserves to live.

Chico is very affectionate and attached to the children.He has a lot of fun with them.