Having Found A New Home, The Dog That Was Thrown From A Lorry In Kent At 50 MPH Now Always Wagging Her Tail

A terrified and underweight puppy dumped from a truck has been adopted and is now “always wagging her tail.”RSPCA veterinarians were “amazed” that Freya, who has since been given the new family name Bella, escaped from a car traveling at 50 miles per hour in Yalding, Kent, on January 28 without major injuries.

Freya was thrown from the moving car at such a high rate of speed that the vets were concerned she would suffer internal bleeding, so they performed surgery right away, according to inspector Kirsten Ormerod.The RSPCA conducted an investigation into the incident, which has yet to be resolved.

The dog, who was terrified, underweight, and had a filthy, matted coat that was flea-infested, is now settling in nicely with Gill, her husband Ray, and their daughter in Maidstone, Kent.The owners did not want their last names revealed.According to Gill, who discovered Bella on the RSPCA’s “find a pet” website, Freya is very happy here and is constantly wagging her tail.

“Play bites a lot and can be a little wicked, but we love her just the way she is,” she says.She went on to say that the timing was perfect because she was thinking about getting another puppy after losing her Jack Russell terrier in April, and she “fell in love with her straight away.”

The animal welfare organization is asking for donations as part of a summer campaign to “zero out cruelty” to animals.

The RSPCA stated that its job is even more important given the 90,000 calls it receives on its cruelty line each month and the 6,000 allegations of intentional animal abuse it has investigated.