Gumby Is Returned To Shelter 11 Times Before Staff Discovers He’d Already Found His Home

The staff at Charleston Animal Society (CAS) initially met a sweet and agreeable canine named Gumby when he was brought to them as a wanderer in September 2014. Much to their dismay the staggering relationship they were going to fashion with him.

Throughout the following year, Gumby was gotten back to the asylum an incredible multiple times. This subtle dog blend was a breathtakingly gifted slick person consistently figured out how to track down his direction back to a similar safe house. Regardless of whether he’d fall through an adopter’s screen entryway or be given up by an adopter who couldn’t deal with his slippery ways, the staff did all that they could to think that he is his eternity family… however, nothing at any point appeared to work out.

For instance, Gumby got back to CAS multiple times during his third reception. He was dropped off once by a Good Samaritan, once by creature control, and twice by his adopter. What a slippery little guy! In December 2015, the staff put forth a final desperate effort to embrace Gumby into a permanent spot to settle down, just for him to get away from multiple times in under one month.

Things were getting sort of absurd now, Gumby would not wait, regardless of where he was set. At last, the CAS staff understood that sweet and easy going Gumby was genuinely attempting to let them know something with his slick person might appear as though your ordinary dog blend, yet his Houdini-esque break abilities have made him very renowned in the town of Charleston, South Carolina.

He was first brought to the Charleston Animal Society (CAS), a glad no-kill cover, as a wanderer in September 2014.Over the course of the following year, Gumby was gotten back to CAS an incredible multiple times! He was taken on out of CAS multiple times, deliberately gave up to CAS multiple times, and got as a wanderer multiple times. The haven staff did all that they could to find Gumby a permanent spot to live, yet nothing appeared to stick.Hounds are really known to be very obstinate. The people who don’t exactly measure up as refined hunting canines might flee or be deserted by their proprietors.Gumby’s first adoption lasted only three short days. His following adoption lasted just six.

The staff warned each family interested in Gumby of his Houdini-like escape skills. His third adopter was determined to make it work.But Gumby returned to CAS four more times. On one occasion, he was brought in by a Good Samaritan, another time by animal control, and twice by his adopter. In March 2015, a fourth adopter brought Gumby home and the CAS staff didn’t hear a peep about him for four months. They were delighted! This was it! But that July, Gumby returned, branded a stray yet again.In August, Gumby was adopted a fifth time, but a few weeks later, he ended up at a sister shelter to CAS.

This shelter was nearly 30 miles from Charleston! That’s a long way for a pup to run!The CAS staff had officially given up on placing Gumby for adoption, but they hadn’t given up on him. His forever home was at the shelter. The team realized he never really tried to escape while in their care at the shelter. He absolutely loved the staff and the attention they constantly gave him. They also realized Gumby had an uncanny way of comforting anxious or fearful dogs at the shelter.