Grizzly bear beams proudly at camera after big belly flop in Florida swimming pool

Many of us enjoy swimming in the pool, especially on hot summer days.Though our animal friends enjoy it, it is unusual for a grizzly bear to visit a swimming pool to cool off.But not this 600-pound man.

Bruiser is no ordinary grizzly bear.

A rescued grizzly bear lives at the Single Vision nature conservation facility in Melrose, Florida.Bruiser is his name.Due to the high temperatures, one of Bruiser’s favorite pastimes is belly-flopping into the pool.This colossus knows how to have a good time.Bruiser decided to go swimming on a particularly hot, steamy summer day.

To put it another way, to belly flop.Fortunately for us, an animal welfare worker grabbed a camera and captured the entire incident, including the bear’s famous smile afterward.Carl Bovard, the owner, set up a fundraiser on IndieGoGo to give Bruiser a one-of-a-kind gift.

He wanted Bruiser to have a pool.

Thanks to the more than $58,000 raised by 814 backers, Bovard was able to execute a contract with Poolside Designs for Bruiser’s fantasy splash pool.The facilities are available to Bruiser, his partner Honey Bear, and the tigers Indah and Enyo, who spend many hours each day having fun in the cool water.

Grizzly bears are massive, extremely intelligent, and naturally curious creatures.They can travel extremely long distances in search of food and resources.It’s no secret that bears enjoy running around and exploring, but you may be surprised to learn that grizzlies are also excellent swimmers.As a result, when Bruiser saw the backyard pool, he couldn’t help but jump in.

Bruiser pulls off one of the biggest belly flops ever.He’s a little fluffier than usual, so the massive belly flop comes as no surprise.The average grizzly bear weighs between 300 and 800 pounds, with the largest recorded weighing 1400 pounds.When a large bear jumps into a small home pool, a significant amount of water is displaced.Bruiser can tell because he has a wide grin on his face.

Bruiser appears to have a friend as well.At the end of the film, a second, smaller bear can be seen near the pool’s edge.After all that digging, he’ll undoubtedly need to cool off in the pool.

In the video below, you can see Bruiser’s big bear belly flop!