Great Dane demands that mom gives him morning hug

Can you imagine meeting a massive dog who has no idea how big he is and thinks he’s a lap dog?Kernel the Great Dane lives his life in this manner.This big, sweet boy weighs 175 pounds of pure love, and his adorable pouting face is melting the hearts of millions of people around the world.It’s easy to see why; this big, beautiful boy is a joy to watch.

This six-year-old stud lives in Boston with his mother, and his favorite part of his morning routine is when he receives extra hugs and kisses from her.Kernel will be sure to remind her that he missed out on his special smooches if she skips the AM love session because they’re rushing around or running late.

Just wait to see how he reminds his mother that he desperately wants her hug.(It’s shown in the video at the bottom of this post.)Photos and videos of his pouting face and whining are causing smiles and receiving a lot of love on the internet.It’s difficult to look away from such a big, silly, playful, and cuddly dog.

He is deaf, but that does not prevent him from living his best life.Kernel underwent a double ear ablation, a procedure in which the ear canal is removed, after being diagnosed with end-stage ear disease in October 2021.He still enjoys laps by working as a service dog and occasionally performing deep pressure therapy.

Kernel enjoys strutting down the sidewalk, hiking, and picking out new toys from the pet store when he isn’t hugging and loving up on his mom.Kernel’s mother lavishes him with affection.He is her entire world, but she nearly lost him recently.

Kernel’s mother feels incredibly fortunate to have this handsome love bug in her life, but Kernel feels incredibly fortunate to be alive.He had a seven-inch splenic tumor that ruptured along with the spleen.He lost four pounds of blood as a result of this, and his chances of survival were slim.This sweet boy survived thanks to luck, love, and skilled doctors performing emergency surgery.He’s a gorgeous, cuddly miracle pup!

In the video below, you can see his famous pout and how he loves to hug his mom.Can’t get enough of Kernel?