Girl uses hack to outsmart dog who keeps going through the fence

Having pets are so much fun… most of the time. They are one of the best emotional support systems we can have. These fur-babies can easily sense our emotions, and they know how to cheer us up.

Their crazy little antics are also too funny, and they would often leave us amused and laughing at the same time.Julia Morley adopted Lu-Seal from the shelter in 2016, but there was one bit of a problem. She weighed 16 pounds – twice a healthy Chihuahua. She badly needed to lose some weight to keep her healthy.

But according to Julia, as soon as she took Lu-Seal home, it was not a problem.She gave the little pupper a healthy diet. To add to that, she took Lu-Seal out for walks as much as she could. The pounds started shedding and she became an agile and playful little dog.Julia called Lu-Seal “The Princess” because she is treated and acted like one.

She loved dressing up, taking lots of photos, and occasionally running around the house. That’s one tiny, happy dog.You see, when Lu-Seal shed off a lot of weight, she got thinner, right? That makes her capable of going through little nook and cranny or any gap in which she could squeeze herself.”It never occurred to me that she would fit through the bars of the fence when I picked it out, but it became clear as soon as it was installed that it was going to be a problem,” Julia told The Dodo. Apparently, Lu-Seal runs through the fence because she’s waiting for some treats.She had the fence installed to keep her dogs from running away, yet little Lu-Seal knew she was smarter than any fence, giving her poor mom constant worry that she might run away. She posted her problem on Instagram and one of the followers suggested a brilliant hack: