Girl finds starving horse on side of the road and walks 9 miles to find help

This animal rescue story is one of the most shocking I’ve ever seen, but it’s well worth your time to watch.It’s always amazing to see amazing acts of kindness performed by selfless people, and this video contains one truly brilliant act of love.Kelsey and her mother were driving to a meeting when fate intervened when Mom deviated from the usual route.

Kelsey noticed a strange animal lying on the side of the road as they continued on their new path.She urged her mother to pull over and check on him, fearful that he was not okay, and what they discovered was truly shocking.They saw a starving abandoned horse on the verge of death, and seeing that the poor animal had been abandoned in such appalling conditions, they did something that will make you happy.

They not only stopped to help the horse, but when Kelsey realized the horse wasn’t going to get inside their truck anytime soon, she took matters into her own hands and decided to walk the rest of the way home—a feat that took 4 hours!She walked with the horse for 9 miles to get him to safety and the care he deserves.

Watch the video below to see this heartwarming horse rescue story.