Giant shelter pit bull’s search for a new home leads to adoption

Pit bulls have a bad reputation for being vicious and aggressive, which has made it difficult for many of them to find homes.
Pit bulls are the most common dogs in shelters, having been rejected due to their breed.So when a particularly large pit bull entered a shelter recently, everyone knew it would be difficult to find him a suitable home — but Ace has now found a happy ending.On January 4, Ventura County Animal Services reported about Ace, a 103-pound pit bull:

Ace’s family had been caring for him for another family member, according to The Dodo.They had no intention of keeping him long term, and after failing to find a home for him, they surrendered him to the shelter.

Despite Ace’s intimidating size, Ventura County Animal Services quickly discovered that he was a sweet, smart dog who had lived with other pets and children.”Ace is excellent with children and has previously lived with a small dog,” they wrote on Facebook.”His favorite activities include going for walks, being petted, and playing with other dogs.He’s crate trained, housebroken, and can be left alone for the duration of a workday if necessary.””Even when he’s being playful, he’s quiet and has a calm energy.His peculiarity?He thinks he’s a lap dog.”

Despite Ace’s gentle nature, they were aware that his size and breed would pose a problem for adopters visiting the shelter: “Our fear is that as a 103lb pit bull, people walking by his kennel might not give him the chance to show what a sweetie he is,” they wrote.Nonetheless, they believed that there was a perfect home for Ace somewhere out there, and they shared his story with the rest of the world.

“We believe Ace would do best in a home with another mellow dog and a yard where they can play,” Ventura County Animal Services’ Jules Hooper told The Dodo.”Due to his size, he can be a strong puller on walks.An adult who is strong enough to guide him on a leash would be ideal.Most importantly, he will have a loving family!”

Fortunately, Ace’s story went viral, and the shelter received adoption requests from all over the country.
They also shared an encouraging update on January 9: Ace had been adopted!”We’re over the moon that Ace has found his forever family,” the shelter wrote alongside a photo of Ace with his new father.

While Ace’s story has a happy ending, Ventura County Animal Services hopes that the attention this big dog has received will encourage people to think about other pit bulls who need homes.”While it’s incredible that Ace has received so much attention, we’re hoping that everyone who is interested in Ace can help us find homes for the rest of the pitties in our shelter who are so often overlooked – many of whom have been in the shelter for months,” they wrote.

We’re overjoyed Ace found a home!He may be large, but that simply means he has more love to share.