Giant Baby Panda Twins Who Have Been Born In China, Giving Hope For At-Risk Species

Twin panda cubs, male and female, were recently born in China, providing hope that pandas can survive in the country despite habitat loss and climate change, writes

The panda twin cubs born to Qin Qin, their mother, are not the first twins born at the Qinling Panda Research Center in Shaanxi province, as another twin cub was born to Yong Yong, another panda, at the same canter in 2020.
There is no word on the father, but some veterinarians in China have been using artificial insemination to increase the population of animals.

These efforts were successful, as there are now approximately 2,300 pandas in China, 500 of which live in reserves, zoos, and captivity, and the remainder in the wild. Hopes are now high in China that they will be able to save this adorable creature from extinction.