German shepherd pup meets golden retriever puppy for the first time

A cute video of two puppies meeting for the first time has made many people happy on Reddit.After their initial apprehensions, the dogs begin to warm up to each other in the video.There is a chance that the video will make you cry.

“For the first time, a German shepherd puppy meets a golden retriever puppy!”
reads the caption that was posted alongside the video.

The video opens to show a woman walking inside a room with a pup in her lap. The other doggy is seen sitting on a couch. We won’t give away everything the video shows, so take a look at the clip that may leave you smiling.

The video was published one day ago.The video has received over 5,700 upvotes since it was shared, and the number is growing.People have also left a variety of comments in response to the share.