Funeral Home Allows This Dog To Visit So He Can Say Goodbye To His Best Friend

Sadie, a 13-year-old dog, has been a devoted friend since she was acquired at the age of only eight weeks.She dealt with the death of her best friend, who died unexpectedly at the start of the year, as any family member would.And he was able to bid her farewell in this funeral home.Sadie recently demonstrated that she, too, was grieving the loss of a significant person in her life, demonstrating that humans aren’t the only creatures who suffer when loved ones die.

Julia Beaulieu’s husband died recently of an unexpected heart attack.Sadie was right by his side, as she always was.

Jeremy May, president of Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial in British Columbia, Canada, welcomed the dog inside the funeral home to say goodbye to his best friend.When the paramedics arrived and were unable to resuscitate him, Sadie leaned over and placed his head beneath her hand, as if he were requesting to be cared for.

“She climbed into bed with him and pushed his hand away, almost as if she wanted him to caress her.”
He was her father’s daughter, and she was his daughter.”Sadie, as well as the man’s wife and family, were in tears.During the ten days that followed the burial, it became clear that the dog was devastated and unable to cope.

Sadie spent her days waiting for her father to return home because she didn’t want to eat or sleep alone at that time.But then everything changed.On the day of the funeral, the deceased’s widow brought Sadie to the funeral home, and Jeremy was aware that she should not be treated any differently than any other mourning family member.

Sadie was also able to say her goodbyes because she was warmly welcomed at the church.

Jeremy reported to the Dodo:

“It was critical that we let it happen because the dog was as important as a husband and a child.”As Sadie approached the casket, they could feel and hear the excitement in the guest room.There could be a dry eye in the room.It was a nostalgic period.”