From rescued to rescuer: dog being trained for search and rescue

A resident of Franklin, Indiana, was walking down the street one day when they noticed something strange: it was a dog walking alone. The passerby went up to the friendly dog and realized she had a message in a bottle on her collar. The message explained where the pup had come from.

While there are sadly many reasons someone needs to surrender a pet, the most humane thing you can do is take them to a shelter, where you know at least that they will be safe.But through reasons unexplained, the dog’s former person decided to abandon their dog right on the streets, with a little note to explain how loved she had been.

Thankfully, the German Shepherd mix named Roadie was found by a kind passerby, who immediately noticed the message in a bottle which was tied around the dog’s neck.

The stranger called Michael Delp, the director of Johnson County Animal Control, who immediately headed out to rescue the dog. When he read through the note, he discovered that Roadie had initially come from a loving home, but sadly, her owner simply couldn’t provide for her anymore.

As soon as he came across Roadie’s heartbreaking story, he realized that the dog would be perfect to train up in search and rescue. “I opened up the news and saw Roadie,” Jeremy told The Dodo. “I saw the breed and the story and the fact that she is literally in my backyard.”