Fleas ate a broken puppy, and he was too weak to crouch on the road

In the middle of the road, a small dog lay alone.People kept bothering him as they passed by.
Stray dogs are common in the area, and he appears to be just one of many to passersby.
But we all know that this is not the case.We understand that all lives are valuable!
We know that every life is valuable and deserves to be saved.

The child was far too frail.
He gave up his frail body because he was infested with fleas.
Anemia was caused by every flea that drank his blood.
This kid was in desperate need of assistance, and he needed it now!

He was curled up like a ball on his body, and his heart just broke.
He felt worthless, but he knew that something had to change.

When a woman working for a local rescue team heard about the puppy, she ran to it.
She carefully lifted him up and discovered that he was infested with thousands of fleas as well as fleas.
He was also infected with Demodex scabies.
He needed to see a veterinarian right away

The veterinarian and the woman who rescued the dog immediately placed him on a table and began treatment.
He required a flea bath as well as a thorough medical examination.
They needed to see how anemic he was.
They also had to use antibiotics to treat scabies and take medicated baths on a daily basis.

Puppies are beginning to feel safe, thanks to the woman who rescued them.
She vowed to find him the perfect home for the rest of his life.
She contacted a friend who would be ideal for the job, and her friend agreed to adopt a puppy.
He was able to go straight to his stepmother’s house after his medical examination.

The brave little guy fell in love with his new home right away.
On the street, he was no longer cold and hungry.
He had everything his tiny heart desired.
He also had a canine brother and sister, and they bonded quickly.
The puppy’s development continued.
He was especially pleased with his new, comfortable bed.
This kid is done with cold concrete!

After a year, the puppy is no longer small, but he is happy!
We are relieved that everything is in his possession and that his past belongs to him.
Always a step behind.
His little broken heart has been repaired.
Take a look at his structure below.
Remember that all stray animals are fighting for their lives.
It is critical to neuter or neuter your pet.