Firefighter adopts dog he rescued from fire and then saved from being put down

At the point when firemen were called to a condo fire in Des Moines, Iowa, they weren’t hoping to observe a canine caught inside.

A 16-month-old Mastiff was caught in the fire and firemen saved him and provided him with oxygen, as per the City of Des Moines Facebook page.

At the point when Animal Control showed up and surveyed the canine’s wounds, they said treatment would be costly, with the other choice being to euthanize the canine. The proprietor selected to put the canine down, however a fireman ventured in.

Firefighter Malcolm Cortner, who had helped salvage the canine, inquired as to whether he could take responsibility for new shaggy companion and pay for his clinical costs.

The previous owner agreed that Malcolm could take ownership of the dog and he was transported to his new loving forever home with a plan for treatment so he could recover properly from his ordeal.

The dog, called George, is now happy and healthy in his new home.