Filthy Old Husky With Infected Leg Hiding His Majesty Beneath His Pain

It saddens us that any dog has to suffer.
We are grateful, however, that so many caring individuals volunteer their time to assist animals in need.
Animal rescuers are saints who deserve to be recognized.
They wear invisible capes because they are superheroes to sick and homeless animals, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

A senior Husky was discovered with a horrific wound.
It had been going on for so long, and the infection was so bad, that his leg was in serious pain.
The infection threatened to enter his bloodstream, resulting in sepsis shock.

(He was so filthy that he was gray!)
He is, in fact, a red Husky.
Just wait until the end to see his real coat!)

The poor dog was also getting older, which made healing even more difficult.
When they rescued the Husky and took him to the vet, they discovered he had lost most of his teeth due to old age.

The medical staff continued to examine the dog.
They gave him pain medication.
They determined that amputating his leg was the best option because it was no longer salvageable.
It would be cruel to try to save his leg at this point.
Dogs can walk well on three legs, and with this infectious wound healed, he could begin a new, healthy life.
They immediately scheduled the surgery.
There would be no time to waste!

The surgery went extremely well!
The medical team continued to monitor the Husky to ensure he was healing properly.
Take a look at him now!
He’s so attractive!
Look at that gorgeous red coat!
Red Huskies are stunning.

The sweet dog will remain at the rescue center with his new friends until he can find a new forever home.

We are so grateful that they discovered him when they did.
He was definitely living on borrowed time. is the source.