Filipino man doesn’t care about his safety when he finds his mother cat about to go into labor in a storm

Seasonal change at Manila Bay in the Philippines is frequently accompanied by a typhoon.

Despite being soaked to the skin, a young boy remained unmoved.When he saw a mother cat in labor in the midst of a raging typhoon, he seemed unconcerned about his own safety.

He went out of his way to protect the stray cat and her kittens from the rain in the middle of a typhoon with huge waves.He stood next to a breakwater, shielding the mother cat with a large plastic sheet while getting soaked in the rain.

He helped the mother cat survive the typhoon with such bravery and kindness.Finally, a local animal welfare organization rescued the mother and kittens.Volunteers quickly moved all of the cats to the nearest animal shelter and began caring for them.Thank you for keeping them safe!You are the true hero!

Linus Escandor, a photojournalist, captured this touching scene in the midst of Typhoon Egay.This young hero has shown us all the value of humanity, compassion, and generosity.Our faith in humanity has been restored thanks to this unsung hero.