FedEx Driver ‘Delivering’ Families Lost Dog

Lisa Menzies was totally crushed when her adored brilliant retriever, Catcher, moved free and fled. At the hour of Catcher’s getaway, Lisa wasn’t even around. The Menzies were having a few fixes done on their home in Castle Pines, Colorado, when the worker for hire left for lunch.

He shut the front entryway behind him, however while he was gone, a whirlwind blew the front entryway open, and Catcher ran out and vanished. After hearing the news, Lisa dreaded the most terrible that Catcher would get hit by a vehicle or be taken.

Envision how powerless she and her family felt realizing their canine was in the distance, isolated, and they couldn’t search for her! Yet, exactly when things appeared to be totally sad, Lisa got a message from … her FedEx driver.

“I tracked down your canine,” his message read. “The location on her tag is the place where I will take her.” When Lisa and her family gotten back, they watched the recording recorded by their Ring doorbell camera.

Lisa was overwhelmed when she saw what this heroic FedEx driver did, and how much care he took, to make this very special home delivery.