Fearful shelter dog was constantly ignored and has no idea why

Noodles, the shelter dog, had a sad beginning to his story.
Everyone was afraid of the abused Beagle, and he was constantly ignored.

She’d just sit in the corner, never looking anyone in the eyes.
Noodles sat there as if she was dying.
Until one man appeared and decided to take a chance on her, writes ilovemydogsomuch.
He couldn’t help himself when he saw the depressed dog.
He took her home and introduced her to Weezie, another dog he’d rescued.
The two dogs instantly clicked and bonded, as if they knew they had something in common.

This helped Noodles break out of her shell, and she eventually transformed into a completely different dog!
She’s a lovely young lady with a wonderful personality.
What did he learn from her story?
“Saving a shelter dog will make you happy.”

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Article originally appeared on ilovemudogsomuch.tv