Family takes turns resting on the sofa to keep their ancient puppy company

Our mutts start to calm down a little as they get older, but we do everything we can to ensure they are happy and comfortable in their golden years.
However, one family went above and beyond for their elderly puppy, modifying their rest plans to ensure he felt loved.Spike could be an English springer spaniel 14 years old.He can’t get around like he used to, like many mutts his age.He recently had a minor stroke, which made it difficult for him to push himself up and down the stairs.

Unfortunately, this meant Spike couldn’t do one of his favorite exercises: sleeping in bed with his family, which he’d done since he was a puppy.”The first night we had him, we shut the stairwell and went to bed,” Spike’s owner Catherine Morris told The Dodo.”He whimpered for a few minutes recently, bouncing over the dull door and running up into my parents’ room and straight up onto the bed!”And that’s where he stayed from then on.”

Spike might not be able to reach his favorite spot because their room was on the current floor.He continued to try despite his weakened state, to the point where his family had to cut off the stairs to keep him from trying.But they devised a delightful plan: if Spike couldn’t come up and rest with them, they would come down to the ground floor and rest with Spike!Now, on a whim, the family members set up the pull-out love seat and spend the night downstairs with Spike, all to ensure the old puppy is still company.

Catherine returned from college to find her parents’ unused resting place, but it didn’t surprise her — they’ve always had a close bond with Spike.Catherine told The Dodo, “They’re completely inseparable.””My father refers to him as ‘old bean,’ and they are constantly chatting.””My father will also bring Spike’s water and nourishment to the couch and bolster him by hand to ensure he gets his medications and maintains his quality.”

Spike may not be the young puppy he once was, but one thing remains constant: his family’s love for him.With this caring act, they are indicating that they will go to any length to make Spike’s final days as memorable as possible.”We adore our ancient boy and are so grateful to have him in our lives,” Catherine explained.”Hopefully, we have made up for his rocky start in life by showering him with all the love in the world.”

It’s astounding the lengths individuals will go to form their pooches upbeat. Thank you to this family for looking after their ancient dog.